Investment Focus & Portfolio

The Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund Mission is …
“To invest in the development of pioneering science – from idea to proof of concept – which offer the potential to provide significant benefits firstly for patients and also for our business.”

Our Investment Philosophy

Activating success

Our primary aim is to activate success for those companies and entrepreneurs we support and to earn a reputation as a long-term trusted partner.

Added-value expertise

Beyond capital investment, we intend to take an active role with our portfolio companies – delivering significant added value through our own extensive drug discovery, scientific and managerial expertise and access to selected relevant experts and knowledge. Nevertheless, we also attach significant importance to confidentiality, establishing ethical walls to protect our portfolio companies and entrepreneurs.

Ongoing investment

The Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund has an initial commitment of €300 million. Opening investments of up to €3 million per venture will be made at the early stage with subsequent staged investments made to align with each venture’s progress, up to a total of €15 million per venture (up to €7.5 million for Digital Health) over its life.

Opportunities for the future

Boehringer Ingelheim would welcome the opportunity to enter into strategic partnerships with those companies in which the Venture Fund has invested. However we will be equally proud to see portfolio companies develop in their own right or enter strategic partnerships with other pharmaceutical partners. Ultimately, our goal is to add value to those companies we invest in, delivering success for them and generating revenues to finance further new investment to benefit patients.

Our Investment Focus

Therapeutic and Digital Health Focus

Our sole focus is to search for significant enhancements in patient care through innovative and pioneering science including (but not limited to):

These reflect our interest in platform technologies and the extention of the current therapeutic area focus of Boehringer Ingelheim and demonstrate our commitment to investigate new treatment modalities and technologies, beyond our existing landscape, for the potential future benefit of patients.

Geographical Focus

We recognise that innovation is not restricted by geography and welcome applications from entrepreneurs worldwide.